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          In Chongqing, Chongqing, on the classic!

          Network Classic Chongqing - Chongqing comprehensive public display platform, Chongqing most influential online media, one site since its inception, by the majority of those who love the praise of Chongqing and love!
          The classic master of Chongqing under the news, classic microblogging, Chongqing forums, personal space, Chongqing, shopping, classified information, business information, classic Encyclopedia, online games, Internet navigation, Chongqing, Comments, Wei-off classic, classic paste it 12 major core channels and more than twenty other auxiliary channel, which has become a forum in Chongqing Chongqing region's most influential one of the forums!
          Our popularity and reputation since its inception just four years, from the world rankings on more than 500 million in one fell swoop into the top 40,000 list, the day IP of about: 20,000 ~ 35,000 PV of about: 180,000 400 , 000 (Note: The traffic at different times may vary) ( classic view Alexa ranking of Chongqing real-time data or Alexa ranking query ), the total registered members 240,000 people or more, and more than 100 new members every day to a rate of!
          Chongqing today's network has become a classic core-based Twenty Ten auxiliary channels, supplemented by full-service integrated platform! As long as you love Chongqing, Chongqing attention, you must know our classic Chongqing!

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